A Wide Range of Plants, Fertiliser, Gardening Soil and Accessories

We take great pride in the health and beauty of each plant we grow and sell. For a full list of our offerings, give us a call and come have a look for yourself.

We’ve got a wide range of plants and organic garden soils.
Areca Palm Leaves Curve — Palms in Ken, NSW


With their long, slender bases and well-known splay of leaves at the top, palms are an exotic option for any home or business. They add a tropical flair to most landscape designs, and their relatively small footprint makes them a fitting option for even smaller locations. Palms come in a range of different sizes.
Modern House Terrace — Bamboo in Ken, NSW


We only stock clumping varieties or bamboo including the ever popular gracilis. Bamboo is symbolic with tranquillity and nature. These beautiful plants are typically fast growing and since they grow in clusters, they make excellent privacy barriers for homes and businesses. There are numerous species of bamboo, and they’re native to tropical and subtropical climates.
Australian Lilly Pilly — Lillypillies in Ken, NSW


These shrubs are ideal for screening plants which can be pruned to the designed height, in a pot or in the ground. . It is also a great plant for hedging, whether in a pot in the ground and responds well to pruning. They bloom in summer and bear fruit in the winter. Customers also love that they are fast growing.
Shrubs and Green Lawns — General Shrubs in Ken, NSW

General Shrubs

Shrubs include any number of plants. We have a great range of shrubs for residential landscapes, including ground covers, cordylines, magnolias, callistemon, gardenias, camellias and small to semi advanced trees.
Treetops — Plants in Ken, NSW

Trees & Plants

We have a large assortment of trees and plants, semi advanced street trees for developments, koala habitat trees for parks and gardens, flowering australian native trees, ornamental trees and shade trees. There are flowering and fruit-bearing trees to add colour and fragrance, or evergreens that keep their vital appearance throughout the year. You’ll also find various sizes and arrangements from which to choose, accommodating expansive yards or even small patio planters.
Pink and Yellow Grevillea Flower — Plants in Ken, NSW


These comprise over 350 individual species of evergreen shrubs flowering bushes which are native to Australia and surrounding areas. Their year-round greenery provides a beautiful starting point for any landscape design. These plants are bird attracting and come in a range of spectacular colours. You’ll find we have a large assortment of various grevillea's in varied sizes and colours to accommodate a range of locations and design ideas.