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Water Gum / Kanooka – Tristaniopsis laurina

Native | Full sun / part shade | H up to 15m  |  Fragrant flowers

A tree with a smooth, creamy-brown trunk and perfumed yellow flowers in summer. Leaves turn red in winter in cooler area.

Category / Uses: a highly ornamental tree which can be used for shelter and shade.

Position/ planting : thrives in a range of situations but will do best in a warm spot, moist and well mulched soil. Cultivate soil before planting. Dig hole twice the width of the container. Remove plant from container and place into the hole so the soil level is the same as the surrounding ground. Water in well even if the soil is moist.

Care: mulch to conserve soil moisture and to suppress weeds. Water freely during the summer months..

NB Picture and notes a guide only.