Gardenia-Magnifica -

Gardenia ‘Magnifica’ – Gardenia augusta ‘Magnifica’

GARDENIA ‘Magnifica’ – Gardenia augusta

Exotic (China | Full sun / part shade | H up to 2m |  W 2m | white perfumed flowers

Large sweetly fragrant double white flowers, glossy dense rich green foliage. Ideal for hedging, and as a cut flower to enjoy the perfume indoors.

Category / uses:  ideal plants for hedges, massed planting or a single specimen.

Position / planting / care:  grow in warm, sunny to partly shaded position in moist, well drained soil. Enrich soil with compost and protect from frost and wind. Feed with a fertiliser for acid loving plants every 3months. Mulch and water well, prune after flowering. Spray with eco oil to kill aphids, scale and other pests.

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