Cousin It - ground cover plant -

Cousin IT – Casuarania glauca

Cousin IT   – Casuarania glauca

Native  | Full sun / part shade  | H to 15cm | W up to 1m

This unique and popular plant has a character all of its own, with fine ‘hairy’ strands of evergreen cascading foliage, soft to touch.  A prostate, ground hugging form which grows well in coastal areas.

Category / uses: ground cover plant in rockeries and raised garden beds as the foliage cascades beautifully, great for hanging baskets. Suited to container planting.

Position / care : prefers a sunny to partly shaded position, in moist, well drained soil. Water &and mulch regularly until established. Prune tips while growing to encourage dense growth; use slow release fertiliser in spring.  Low maintenance and good for suppressing weeds. Tolerates dry conditions once established.

NB : the name ‘Cousin It’ is from the character ‘Cousin Itt’ (two t’s) in the TV series the Adamms Family.

Picture and information intended only as a helpful guide.