Camellia ‘Plantation Pink’ – camellia sasanqua

Camellia ‘Plantation Pink’ – Camellia sasanqua

Exotic (Japan) | Morning sun / part shade | H up to 6m |  Pink single flowers autumn, early winter

An evergreen shrub with small dense bright green foliage. Abundant showy flowers – pretty single  clear pink flowers with crinkly petals borne March, April, May, j June

Category / uses:  ideal for screens, hedging, large containers and espaliers.

Position / planting / care:  sunny or partly shaded position. Well drained, slightly acidic soil. Before planting combine soil with organic matter for best results. Keep most especially in hot, dry weather. Mulch with compost, leaf mould or other organic matter to keep roots cool. Do not allow mulch to touch the trunk. May be highly trimmed to shape in spring. Feed in spring with a specific camellia fertiliser or a compete organic fertiliser. Avoid lime.

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