Bromeliad 'Silver Plum' - Alcanterea -

Bromeliad ‘Silver Plum’ – Alcanterea

Bromeliad ‘Silver Plum’ – Alcantarea imperialis ‘Silver Plum’

Exotic (Brazil) | Full sun / part shade  | H up to 1.5m |  W up to 1.5m

This stunning evergreen (well more plum colour) giant Bromeliad has thick leathery deep purple red strap leaves that form a rosette. The flower spike (which can take up to 5 years before it appears ) can get to 2m tall with masses of creamy white flowers that can last up to 18 months.

Category / uses: great as a feature plant in any size garden; happy in a container or as an indoor plant.

Position / planting / care: any well-drained soil; avoid any frost spots. The best and brightest colour is achieved when planted in full sun.

Picture and information intended only as a helpful guide.