Bromeliad 'Edmundoi' - Alcantarea -

Bromeliad ‘Edmundoi’ – Alcantarea

Bromeliad ‘Edmundoi’ – Alcantarea imperialis ‘Edmundoi’

Exotic (Brazil) | Full sun / part shade  | H up to 1.5m |  W  1.5m stays smaller in a pot.

A much sought after, rare, large Brazilian native Bromeliad.  The leaves can grow to 1.5m long when mature, with the lower leaves drooping over and creating an unusual landscaping feature. The thick flower stalk can grow to 1.5 meters tall, branching out into dozens of flower stalks bearing numerous creamy white blossoms, and can last several months.

Category / Uses: great as a feature plant in any size garden; happy in a container or as an indoor plant (like humidity).

Position / planting / care: any well-drained soil; avoid any frost spots. The best and brightest colour is achieved when planted in full sun.

Picture and information intended only as a helpful guide.