Palm Trees and Bamboo

Lady Palm Leaves with Raindrops — Gardening in Ken, NSW
Palm trees are synonymous with relaxed vibes and fun in the sun, conjuring images of tropical paradises and time outdoors. It’s no wonder our customers love having them to create a relaxing oasis. We carry a range of palms that you can choose from based on the space you have available, your soil and the aesthetics you’re going for. Each of our palms has been expertly raised to reflect only the highest level of health and beauty.

If those aren’t your thing, then we also have a selection of bamboo. The long slender plants are commonly used alongside pool fences and to screen out neighbours. Their stalks gently vibrating against each other in the wind creates a feeling of calm for many. They can be planted together in order to create a natural barrier alongside garden edges.

Our bamboo is grown using the same care and attention as all of our plants so you can rest assured that you’re getting only the highest quality and vitality in your plants.