Exotic Plants to Make an Impression in kew

Purple and Pink Leaves of a Tropical Plant in a Garden — Gardening in Ken, NSW
When most people think of “exotic” plants, they think of something rare or hard to care for. While that certainly can be the case, exotic simply means that a species is not native to the area in which they are being sold. We have a vast assortment of hand-selection non-native plants and exotic species that you may not find just anywhere.

We take great care to ensure that our plants and flowers are healthy and ready to be relocated to your garden. Whether you’re looking for something large and vibrant for use as a privacy barrier or statement piece, or you’re on the search for landscaping variety to enhance your business's curb appeal, we’ve got something that is sure to up the ante on your landscaping design.

Explore our selection and find colourful shrubs, palms, trees, bamboo and more. Have a question about some of our exotic plant species? Just give us a call and we’ll help you choose the right options for your project based on the care required, your gardening skill level, and your budget.

We’ll even come and do the gardening for you and explain, in detail, how to keep your plants looking their very best.